Mortgages in the US in 2022, 2023, 2024

Mortgage interest rate in the US in 2022 is affordable. Unprecedented low values have become an example for the banking systems of other countries. The figures are influenced by the political course, the state of the economy and other factors. For example, in connection with the elections in 2017, mortgages in the US were very affordable. The minimum threshold was 4.5%.

Citizens filed a record number of applications in 2017, fearing further growth.

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Features of mortgage lending in the USA

There are many myths about affordable mortgage housing in the United States. The main features of the system actually include:

  • A loan can be issued for housing commissioned or under construction, as in Russia. American bankers are also ready to accredit a reliable developer and provide loans for unfinished projects.
  • Conditions for foreigners are tougher than for Americans, but quite doable.
  • The government guarantees preferential programs with special conditions for victims of disasters, pensioners, low-income people.
  • You can get a discount for using energy-saving devices.
  • There are refinancing programs.
  • To get a positive decision, you need to fulfill all the requirements of the bank.
  • The decision is influenced by the potential borrower’s deposits, securities, personal and pension savings.
  • High competition between banks led to lower interest rates.
  • Programs without a down payment are rare, most often it is required to confirm the creditworthiness of a solid amount.
There is traditionally a wary attitude towards foreigners. Commercial structures have the right not to trust migrants.

Knowledge of local laws and the availability of savings will be the guarantor of obtaining a mortgage in the United States for Russians.

Despite the low interest rates, in America only 1/5 of the citizens can boast that they have paid the entire amount to the bank. Moreover natural disasters regularly damage properties, and after 30 years of mortgages, cardboard houses are easier to tear down than repair. Renting real estate is the norm of American life.

Interest rate

The global crisis in 2008 was provoked by the uncontrolled issuance of loans to all categories of the population. The inflated bubble has burst, but the interest rate remains at a low level.

In Russia in 2019, the average figures were in the range of 11-13%. But the pandemic and the announced state program to subsidize mortgages (extended for 2021) have dropped the values almost to the American level.

For US citizens, the rate starts from 4 — 6% at a floating rate. For a foreigner, the value is higher, although some banks offer preferential programs for migrants.

The final decision depends on the political situation in the country at the moment. For example, the previous president was distinguished by aggressive statements against visitors, which greatly complicated the life of migrants.

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Mortgage rates in the US start from 4 — 6% at a floating rate.

Types of mortgages in the USA

A loan for the purchase of real estate in America is called a mortgage (mortgage). American mortgages are divided into two types:

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage — with a fixed;
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage — with a floating interest rate.

In the case of Fixed-Rate Mortgage, payments do not change their value throughout the entire loan term. The floating rate leaves the bank the right to increase the amount of payment.

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In the case of Fixed-Rate Mortgage, payments do not change their value throughout the entire loan term.

The second option attracts consumers by reducing the initial value by 1-2%. It is beneficial for those who plan to further resell the property. For the first 5-10 years, the bank does not increase payments, and then the house can be profitably offered to new owners.

The floating version of «mortgage» is more like playing the lottery. A receipt for the next payment can increase at any inopportune moment and become an unpleasant surprise that threatens to drive you into a debt hole.

When the payment fixing period ends, the bank reviews the rate every year. There is an opinion that there may be a downward revision, but this is extremely rare.

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According to Adjustable-Rate Mortgage, there is a loan for the purchase of real estate for a period of 5 years at 2.85%.
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage today is also beneficial for those who have the financial ability to painlessly repay the loan during the minimum payment period. For example, there is a loan for the purchase of real estate for a period of 5 years at 2.85%.

Refinancing of the loan is provided, this procedure will reduce the interest. Considering that in the first years the client pays only a fee to the bank without repaying the body of the loan, it is extremely rarely profitable to launch this procedure.

US Mortgage Conditions

The US mortgage market puts forward certain criteria and requirements, according to which the approval of the requested loan for the purchase of any real estate is issued: a house, an apartment, a townhouse. In America, about 89% of housing is purchased with borrowed funds.

Requirements for borrowers

For US residents, the conditions for obtaining a loan are loyal:

  • Firstly, age from 25 to 75 years.
  • Secondly, American citizenship, a green card.
  • Thirdly, the down payment is from 10 to 50%, there are programs with a value of 0.
  • Fourthly, the minimum work experience in the last place is 1 year, but 2 is better.
  • Fifthly, the level of income, which allows you to give a certain amount every month.
  • Sixth, the presence of a valid bank account with money. Seventh, he must have at least enough money to cover the amount of 12 monthly payments. In addition, the down payment must be kept here.
  • In conclusion mortgages in the US, like in other countries, take time to process. The process of verification of the submitted documents and registration takes time: from 24 to 60 business days.

What documents are required

To apply you will need:

  • American citizen’s passport;
  • a copy of the contract of sale;
  • social Security number;
  • certificate of income from the last place of work for 1 or 2 years;
  • loan application;
  • marriage or divorce certificate (if any);
  • birth certificate of children (if any);
  • real estate appraisal by an independent expert;
  • bank statement;
  • letter from NKBI on the state of credit history.

Conditions vary by state. The bank may request data on deposits. He must be sure that the consumer has a reserve of money in case of a temporary crisis and job loss.

A weighty «airbag» on the account will be an argument in favor of the applied citizen.

Additional expenses

In addition to collecting a standard package of documents with all kinds of certificates, you will need money. You should be prepared, the list of additional costs will include services:

  • notary;
  • appraiser;
  • commission fee in favor of the bank for consideration of documents and preparation of the contract;
  • for foreigners — an interpreter.

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Until the moment of full payment, housing is the property of the bank, not the debtor.

Mortgages in the United States are issued subject to compulsory life insurance of the borrower and the purchased property. This is a common and logical requirement that is common in Russia, Europe and other countries.

Conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan in the USA for immigrants (non-residents)

The package of documents is submitted in English. It is better to entrust the matter to a translator. The application can be submitted to the Federal Housing Administration, but subject to an open work visa.

There is no credit check here. A migrant of any nationality will be provided with a loan at a fixed or floating rate.

A prerequisite for obtaining a loan is a functioning account in a US bank. After September 2001, it is almost impossible to do this remotely; the issue will have to be resolved on the spot.

If possible, it is better to stock up on letters of recommendation from a large bank. They can play a decisive role at the right time, tipping the scales in favor of a foreign borrower.

An initial fee

For foreigners, the contribution is traditionally higher than for American citizens. Most often, offers from various banks fit into the range from 30% to 50%. It should be remembered that the larger the down payment, the smaller the loan body and the lower the overpayment. In addition, it is more profitable to invest large amounts, this significantly increases the trust limit.

Mortgage interest rate

Mortgage interest in the US for foreigners differs upwards. It depends on many factors. The average value ranges from 5% to 9%.

Banks have different programs, so it is recommended to use a mortgage calculator and carefully calculate the different options.

Required documents

What a migrant needs to prepare (spoiler — the list is much longer than for a US citizen):

  • international passport;
  • loan application;
  • social security number (Social security number);
  • certificate of official income for 3 years;
  • a letter from the NCBI with information about the credit history, any flaws in the payment of previous debt obligations may be the reason for refusal;
  • Bank statements showing solvency and savings;
  • a letter of recommendation from a major European or Russian bank that characterizes the applicant in a positive way;
  • work visa, residence permit or green card (if any);
  • a copy of the contract of sale, on hand must be a document confirming the fact of ownership of real estate.
The references should be translated into English and must be certified by a notary. It is desirable to have an impeccable credit history and a good official income.

America is traditionally interested in the flow of wealthy migrants. Expecting that they will pay taxes, and not live on benefits from the state.

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Amount and term of the loan

The minimum loan term is 5 years, most often a mortgage in the USA is issued from 15 to 30 years. The average loan size is from $100,000, and the upper bar reaches $20,000,000, but the final conditions depend on the state and the specific bank.

Remote method of obtaining a loan for foreigners

If you have an open American visa on hand, then the entire procedure for buying real estate in America can be done remotely.

To do this, the documents are certified by the Russian Consulate of the United States. Further, all issues on the spot will be dealt with by lawyers for an additional fee.

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Buying a house in the US today has become much easier, but subject to the availability of money and a good job.

The scheme for buying real estate on credit looks like this:

  • Find a house or apartment.
  • Prepare a package of documents.
  • Open and fund a bank account.
  • Choose a mortgage program and a bank.
  • Sign a contract of sale.
  • Submit all certificates and copies to the bank, wait for a decision.
  • If a positive decision has come, then check and sign the loan agreement.

All documents are recommended to be checked with an experienced lawyer. Modern technologies have raised the real estate market to a new level. Realtors are ready to send video and photo reports about apartments for sale online using instant messengers.

Where is the best place to buy property?

The most expensive houses are in the south. In the state of Hawaii and California, the cost of real estate exceeds the average values for America. In Michigan, Arizona and Georgia, you can buy a house cheaper.

It is important to consider local taxes, the standard of living and the cost of maintaining housing. In addition, the final choice is best made after a thorough analysis of all factors. Usually the decision is made after they have lived in the USA.


In America, a system of lending to the population has been thought out. Most mortgages in the US are issued at a fixed rate. Because it is safer when it comes to payments for more than 10 years. In case of difficulties with payments, it is possible to apply for refinancing. But this method is recommended to be left as a last resort.

The chances of getting approved are higher if a person has a good credit history. And also, there are savings in the bank account. You will need money for a down payment, additional expenses, and the housing itself is often repaired after moving.